Our clipboards make great promotional items for doctor's offices, hospital's and pharmaceutical companies. We have two imprint spaces available, on the clip or on the board which gives more room for logos and business slogans. They come in many shapes, colors and sizes and can be customized to fit your marketing needs. Let us help you find the right clipboard at the right price!


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Windsor Reflections Clipboard

ID: 4945542 As low as $7.45

9" x 12" Keep-It (TM) Clipboard

ID: 4870079 As low as $3.65

Letter Clipboard

ID: 4870672 As low as $3.45

Clipboard With 5 1/2" Rectangle Clip

ID: 4870855 As low as $4.70

Letter Clipboard with Jumbo Oval Clip

ID: 7383103 As low as $4.95

Legal Clipboard with Jumbo Clip

ID: 7383113 As low as $4.09

Low Profile Clipboard

ID: 4870720 As low as $5.95

Letter Clipboard with Jumbo Clip

ID: 4870673 As low as $3.65

Memo Clipboard

ID: 4870842 As low as $2.45

Transparent Letter Clipboard

ID: 4870520 As low as $4.45

Sports Clipboard

ID: 7383119 As low as $5.60

Contour Letter Clipboard

ID: 4870810 As low as $3.75

Contour Clipboard

ID: 4870751 As low as $4.55

Contour Legal Clipboard

ID: 5639962 As low as $4.15

Message Clipboard

ID: 6143247 As low as $2.99

Letter Size Clipboard

ID: 4847401 As low as $4.39

Covington Clipboard

ID: 6634093 As low as $6.35

Legal Size Clipboard

ID: 6055369 As low as $6.60

Letter Size Clipboard

ID: 4946642 As low as $5.10

Leather Clipboard / Portfolio

ID: 4973109 As low as $48.28

Junior clipboard calculator

ID: 5027433 As low as $3.95