Desk Organizers

Get rid of that crazy mess you call a desk and get organized with our custom desktop organizers! We offer a wide selection of desktop accessories to keep you sane and on task. Staying organized will help you achieve more during your work day instead of getting overwhelmed by the mess around you. Promotional desktop organizers make fabulous corporate gifts and fun giveaways for your next event or tradeshow. Whether you need a pen cup, sticky notes and flags or a box for your stapler and tape. We've got what you need!

Desktop Organizers

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Crossroads Pencil Cube Frame

ID: 4867511 As low as $0.00

Solo Docking Station

ID: 5292830 As low as $7.73

Clock / Desk Organizer

ID: 4931893 As low as $5.49

Deluxe Memo Pad Desk Caddy

ID: 4956465 As low as $4.46

Soho Memo Pad Desk Frame

ID: 5068214 As low as $9.77

Lexington Photo Cube

ID: 5068247 As low as $14.98

Rotating Calculator / Sticky Notes Set

ID: 550088713 As low as $7.49

Stationery Desk Set

ID: 550187646 As low as $6.29

Desktop Organizer

ID: 6477010 As low as $29.99

Executive Organizer

ID: 6477020 As low as $32.99

Jewelry/Valet or Desk Box

ID: 6477025 As low as $16.50

Sticky Note Plastic Memo Caddy

ID: 5405670 As low as $2.39

Cube Organizer

ID: 6755503 As low as $0.95

Prime Cardboard Pen Holder

ID: 6543736 As low as $1.59

Mini Desk

ID: 5983640 As low as $2.30

Desk in a Box

ID: 4853738 As low as $2.99

Sticky Note Caddy with Flags

ID: 7055659 As low as $1.49

Rosewood and Silver Metal Pen Box

ID: 4805630 As low as $21.42

Metal Phone/Pen Box

ID: 4805633 As low as $15.88

Ultra Organizer

ID: 6889190 As low as $3.95

Desk Caddy with Removable Calculator

ID: 4946717 As low as $7.50

4 Port USB 2.0 Hub

ID: 4946593 As low as $9.95