Electronics make great employee or customer gifts. Whatever your budget, we have a wide selection of items that you can chose from. You can customize our selection of headphones for a fun promo item to give away at your next event. Give our travel chargers or docking stations to your international clients or maybe a client you know who travels often. There are so many ways to personalize your item to fit the need of the customer. All of our promotional electronics are both practical and useful and make fantastic options for corporate or executive gifts.


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House Shape Thermometer

ID: 6760171 As low as $5.59

Astro Bluetooth Speaker

ID: 550201457 As low as $19.99

Discount 3D Logo PVC Label Earbuds

ID: 7062933 As low as $2.89

Nano (R) Speaker

ID: 6584931 As low as $29.99

Phone case

ID: 7302141 As low as $1.29

Sport Grip Calculator

ID: 4888453 As low as $2.25

Discount Pocket Partner

ID: 6761084 As low as $1.79

Round Bluetooth Speaker

ID: 7394663 As low as $16.99

Discount IPhone 4 Charging Case

ID: 200235216 As low as $21.65

Bubble Bluetooth Speaker

ID: 7394668 As low as $21.50

Flip Calculator

ID: 4888413 As low as $2.75

Ear Buds in Square Case

ID: 7177385 As low as $1.35

Discount 3D Logo Earbuds With Microphone

ID: 7062946 As low as $3.85

Discount Rock Speaker Jr with Microphone

ID: 7257174 As low as $31.50

Mini Cube Bluetooth Speaker

ID: 550154630 As low as $14.99

Solar Calculator

ID: 4948408 As low as $3.50

Discount Rock Speaker

ID: 7257452 As low as $59.00

Expo Calculator

ID: 4887997 As low as $2.25

Oval Calculator

ID: 4888627 As low as $1.99

Clear Solar Calculator

ID: 6051081 As low as $2.69

Prism Bluetooth Speaker

ID: 7258249 As low as $19.93