Letter Openers

Stop getting those painful, unwanted paper cuts and get yourself a custom letter opener! This is an office accessory that everyone needs and will save your hands from all the pain. We offer quite a selection of letter openers from some with rulers to fun shaped openers to nice, fancy professional ones. Whether you are needing an inexpensive plastic opener for your shop or next event or you are looking for a unique, nice letter opener to use as a corporate gift, GOimprints has got the one for you. Don't subject your poor hands to opening mass amounts of mail, make it easy on yourself with our letter openers!

Letter Openers

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3 In 1 Letter Opener

ID: 4948868 As low as $0.69

Discount Jiffi Slitter With Tape Flags

ID: 4888617 As low as $1.09

House Shape Slitter

ID: 4887968 As low as $0.55

Discount Horizon Pen

ID: 6763861 As low as $0.35

The Ultimate Letter Opener

ID: 5840539 As low as $0.59

The Office Buddy

ID: 4955787 As low as $0.80

Letter Opener

ID: 4931412 As low as $0.62

Heart Letter Slitter

ID: 4870109 As low as $0.66

Business Card Slitter Plus (TM)

ID: 4869919 As low as $1.59

Letter Opener

ID: 4870651 As low as $0.62

Letter Opener

ID: 4842193 As low as $19.50

Letter Opener

ID: 4841883 As low as $21.95

Letter Opener

ID: 4841048 As low as $19.99

3-in-1 desk tool

ID: 6129912 As low as $0.99

Mood Letter Opener, Full Color Digital

ID: 6817697 As low as $1.67

Heart Letter Opener

ID: 5471085 As low as $0.57

Rip N Rule

ID: 4868574 As low as $0.99

3-in-1 Letter Opener

ID: 7390508 As low as $0.69

Letter Opener with Adhesive Flags

ID: 7390535 As low as $1.19

Handy Letter Opener

ID: 7291214 As low as $0.72

Letter Opener/Magnifier

ID: 7055591 As low as $0.97

Magnifying/Ruler Letter Opener

ID: 4806073 As low as $1.36