Pedometers incentivize healthy living. For instance, they might encourage using the stairs instead of the elevator or to take more frequent walks. Pedometers also make a great giveaway for any marathon or 5K race. From counting your steps, calories, miles or kilometers, we've got the right pedometer for you. Using a pedometer is an easy way to set goals and see the results daily on how active you are! With easy, readable screens and helpful functions, this product is sure to be a hit at your next event and will showcase your logo well!


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Multi-Function Pedometer

ID: 6049731 As low as $2.29


ID: 200232171 As low as $2.79

Deluxe Multi-Function Pedometer

ID: 4888489 As low as $2.49

Multi-Function Pedometer

ID: 5541474 As low as $2.69

Simple Step Pedometer

ID: 7384862 As low as $1.79


ID: 4888221 As low as $2.09

Multi-Function Pedometer With Clock

ID: 4888490 As low as $2.79


ID: 4938168 As low as $1.65

Step-On! (Pedometer)

ID: 5059506 As low as $2.05

Slazenger (TM) Step Pedometer

ID: 4950272 As low as $2.98

TrackFast Step Pedometer

ID: 5572877 As low as $3.28

StayFit Training Pedometer

ID: 4950120 As low as $3.85

Premium Easy View Pedometer

ID: 6046097 As low as $4.98

Marathon Solar Pedometer

ID: 5572893 As low as $3.13

Premium 3-Axis Slim Pedometer

ID: 6046125 As low as $13.98

Heart Pedometer

ID: 6046031 As low as $2.68

Sportline (R) My Goal Step Pedometer

ID: 4867396 As low as $7.27

Slazenger (TM) Fit Pedometer

ID: 5572905 As low as $4.22

The Tweet Pedometer with LCD Display

ID: 6785147 As low as $2.99

Solar-Powered Pedometer

ID: 4931424 As low as $5.49

Trainer Pedometer

ID: 4931926 As low as $2.42

The Emperor Pedometer

ID: 200260935 As low as $3.99

In Shape Pedometer

ID: 4931782 As low as $1.43